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Aim Master is the best alignment device in Golf today.

Aim Master will ensure you are perfectly aligned, your ball is square to the hole and the lie of your club is perfect. By practicing a few times a week your score will show it before you know it!

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10 Drills That Aim Master Does

Watch the shorts videos demonstrating how to use each drill. Proper alignment is the key to success. Whatever your handicap, you can do better by training and practicing with Aim Master.


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Sarah Bernard

"Shipping was fast, and it's a quality piece of equipment for anyone looking to improve their game."

Arnold Garcia

"I purchased a golf training aid and alignment sticks bundle, and it's been a game-changer for my golf practice. The fast shipping and durable construction of both items exceeded my expectations. The tutorial videos helped me a lot with the quality and impact on my game."

Kevin Jones

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Jessica Ellison

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Brad Holmes


Find answers fast in our FAQ, your go-to resource for common questions. Reach out to our support for personalized assistance.

What does Aim Master do?

Aim Master trainer keeps you directly in-line with your target and the club face square. Our Patent-Pending design ensures your alignment is correct and the numerous drills will perfect your swing.

How can the Aim Master Training Aid help you?

The Aim Master Training Aid will perfect the following issues:

  • Alignment. 
  • Ball Position.
  • Ball Striking.
  • Belt Loop - 60 Degree coil. 
  • Belt Loop - Follow-Through.
  • Head Movement on Chip Shots.
  • Club Shaft Lie Alignment Check.
  • Putting Alignment.
  • Backswing.
  • Rotation Sway Drill.

You can watch the short drill videos on our website!

Why should I choose Aim Master for my golf training?

Aim Master allows you to train like a pro, emulating the practices of PGA tour players who prioritize alignment. Dedicate just a few sessions a week, and witness a transformative impact on your scores.

Can Aim Master make my practice sessions more enjoyable?

Absolutely! Aim Master injects fun into your training routine, turning routine range sessions into engaging opportunities. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to purposeful, rewarding practice.

How quickly can I expect to see results with Aim Master?

Dedicate consistent sessions with Aim Master, and you'll witness tangible improvements in your scores. Our performance-driven tool ensures efficiency in every practice, making each moment count toward your golfing success.