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Aim Master Training Aid

Aim Master Training Aid

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L x W x D   :   6 ¾” X 3” x ½ ”
Weight   :   3oz
Material   :  ABS Plastic mix
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Product Description

Aim Master Training Aid was a concept by the president Brian J. Hoopsick. While practicing at the driving range and continuously bumping the alignment sticks, he quickly realized the need for a tool to keep the sticks from moving. Once he developed the device to keep the alignment stick in place, he wanted additional options including drills to practice everything.

Aim Master Training Aid keeps you directly in-line with your target, your club face square and the lie of your club perfect. Our Patent-Pending design ensures your alignment is correct and our 10 practice drills will perfect your swing.

“ If you want to play like a PRO ~ you have to practice like a PRO”

Aim Master does it all - Practice makes Perfect.

By practicing a few times a week your score will show it before you know it!

Aim Master makes going to the Range and practicing fun!

Remember… Always Be A Straight Shooter…

Instant Results
PGA Professionals
Driving Range
Product History

When practicing with our Aim Master Training Aid, you see instantly what you are doing and how to perfect every part of your game. You can use any 8mm diameter alignment stick you choose, but when used with our Aim Master Alignment Sticks, you can easily slide 2 or 3 together to create any length you wish.

Teachers and instructors everywhere are using the Aim Master Training Aid in the clinics.

When you head out to the driving range don’t forget your Aim Master Training Aid. Bring a tripod or a selfie holder and video your training sessions. Compare yourself to our videos and watch how rapidly your game improves. Your golf buddies will be begging you to help them too.

Our Aim Master Training Aids are designed and trademarked in the USA. Aim Master Training Aid is partnered with a Manufacturing facility that makes sure every Training Aid meets our standards. Aim Master stands behind our 30-day warranty against any manufacturer defects.

Alignment sticks sold separately. Aim Master Alignment Sticks are made specifically for the Aim Master Training Aid. Our sticks are the Only fiberglass alignment sticks that are fully customizable by adding sticks together to make them any size you wish.